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BSK Capacity Building

PSESD’s Strategy, Evaluation, and Learning team support racially just and humanizing school systems through evaluation and data capacity building. We work with community organizations to support learning, growth, and development in the areas most important to them. This includes peer learning, coaching, and one-on-one technical assistance.

In addition to working with organizations of all sizes, we work directly with youth and family members, primarily from BIPOC communities, on training in data collection. We have taught youth and adults to engage in their own data collection both to grow their own skills and to get the perspectives of community members into the hands of policymakers to support systems transformation.

"It is of enormous value to have our capacity builder as a resource. Some of the benefits/outcomes are intentional and planned for, other benefits are serendipitous and a part of the wonderful depth and breadth of experience and creative thinking shared by the capacity builder" - Anonymous BSK CB Participant